Factions Oasis - Map I
Oyuncu - Skort

   Factions Oasis Map I
After months of steady work on our new factions server, we are ready to reveal everything that has created what is now called Factions Oasis. Oasis is a large project of the ExtinctionMC Team which will put our server into the category of Casual Factions. We have combined many features of each
casual server to create one server that is a combination of all, including our own twist and knowledge of factions added to it. This will be the first ever map on Factions Oasis

1st » 300$ PayPal-Weekly
2nd » 75$  PayPal-Weekly
3rd » 75$ Buycraft-Weekly

Realm Information

Faction Size15 Man Factions
Shield Duration18 hours
Buffer Size: 20 chunks
Cannon Speed: 3 Seconds

Release Date: November 4th Saturday 4 PM EST
Economy: Cactus, HeadHunting, Stronghold, Safaris & Fishing
Map Length » 12 days grace / 14 days TNT

Only accessible through /warp darkzone, Stronghold is our new custom based eco, Stronghold essentially acts as an Outpost, in order to cap the stronghold you must mine through clay blocks and then sit on cap in order to cap the stronghold. After the stronghold has been capped. Zombies are spawned in which you can kill and gain rewards such as GKIT pieces, money & other valuable items.

Masks are one of the latest additions to Oasis, masks can be obtained from monthly crates, loot boxes, safaris and many other ways throughout the server. Masks can be attached to your helmet to give you an array of effects and different boosts that can be seen through /masks.

A 1v1 arena tailored to your needs, in the Arcade all you have to do is combat tag someone and you are instantly in an Arcade Duel with them and you are able to run back into safezone.. You are only able to access this world if you have an armor set on and cannot interfere with any duels as you cannot see others once you are in combat and potions from other fights will have no effect on your fight. This can be accessed using /Arcade.

Blueprints are a fantastic way to combat the skill barrier in the current state of factions and allow the vast majority of the community to be able to compete. Use /blueprints to be able to access an array of cannons offered by our server, you are able to view how long the blueprint will take to finish as well as the barrel for cannons and so much more as long as your particles are turned on!

Armor Sets 
Armor sets can be obtained throughout a number of ways on the server, each armor set has different abilities and is unique in its own way... You can acquire Armor Sets through Safaris, Fishing, MobArena & Crates. Who will be first to conquer the battlefield? There are 8 different armor sets (Zeus, Divine, Cursed Monk, Diver, Shadow Assassin, Lucifer, KOTH & Guardian(Patcher Set)).

Special Items
Commonly referred to as Star Items, Special Items are some of the rarest items on the server and can only be obtained from Tier 3 Safaris, by dominating KOTH's or opening Monthly Crates. Using these items will give you an edge against your opponent and will help you stand out.

XP Shop
Purchase all sorts of items through the XP Shop, Keys, Bosses and more available through our XP Shop.

Pets can be obtained through grinding and general gameplay, there are over 20 different pets which vary depending on their tier. Pets are fit to be your companion or +1 in any situation, suiting every need ranging from PvP to base aspects of the server. Each Pet has its own unique ability and can be upgraded through pvping and grinding depending on the type of Pet you posses.

Upon joining Oasis you will spawn in a world where you can choose your class and embark on an adventure with these super-powers. Choose your crew wisely as you will not have another chance to swap alliances unless you obtain a reset crew gem. Every class has its own unique abilities and perks.




2.5% Axe Damage Increase

 Speed II


Bleed effect

2.5% sword increase


5% Damage Increase in Water 

Speed III in water

An upcoming occurrence on the horizon is the envoys, resembling treasure drops but confined to the spawn warzone. Envoys bring forth a spectacle where 50 chests gracefully descend from the heavens, each brimming with enticing rewards ranging from spawners to unique custom enchantments. Be sure to be the first one there to collect as much loot as possible!!

Upon joining the server you will be level 1, in order to rank up you must sell the heads of the spawner in your /level, you are not able to place or sell any other spawners head unless it is below the level you already are, Each tier has its own spawner and the maximum level is 15, upon hitting level 15 you will unlock divine spawners which are used for money.
Levels range from Basic -> Advanced -> Extreme.

Bosses are spawned automatically in the sand world every 5 hours and killing them includes great rewards, you can also alternatively purchase boss eggs from XP-Shop and gain them from general gameplay. Other players are also able to kill your own bosses and contest them for rewards.

Enjoy a PVE event where players team up choosing different kits to battle through waves of mobs, every 10 mobs you will face a boss and if you survive that level you will be heavily rewarded. Make sure to choose your kits wisely whenever participating as every round will contain never seen before mysteries.

Safaris is our take on a Player vs. Environment area where you can grind mobs to your advantage which heavily rewards you, Safaris depend on your Head-Hunting level as well as your Safari Mob level which requires you to kill certain amounts of mobs and you can access the Safari World first when you first log on the server then once you have leveled up your Head-Hunting you can access the Cave Safari where you can get better rewards... The Cave Safaris range from Gold all the way to Diamond Cave which is the highest Safari world you can reach.

Quests are series of battle-pass like challenges that are available to all players on our server. We strongly suggest you give those a try using /quests to earn a quick buck to use on the server!

Fishing is heavily utiziled in this economy and it depends on your Head-Hunting level, the higher your Head-Hunting level the better rewards you are able to access from fishing. /warp lake to get to the lake and you can grab a rod from the NPC right infront of the warp.

Tournaments are hosted weekly by the server, every player is entered automatically to the tournament and can receive a event loot box upon winning which has lots of goods. You can check placements using /tournaments.

An exciting economy that everyone in the factions community loves! Conquer rooms solo or with a team to be able to get the best rewards possible. We have added a twist to our Voyages, as you progress through the rooms you will receive more points for example at the start of every Voyage you will have 0 points and as you progress you collect points that will count towards your permanent points total that you can use on a ROTATING Voyage Shop. At the start of every room you will be given a prompt that asks you if you would like to continue playing at the risk of losing your current points total from the on-going session and gaining more or cashing out those points.

Misc Changes
- Added ItemFlip /icf 

- Added Trade /trade

- Added Gifts /gift

- Added Cosmetics /cosmetics

- Added Wild PvP /wildpvp

- Added Foundry (look for in warzone)

- Added XP-Shop

- Added rotating Mobcoin Shop

- Added PVSearch use /pvsearch

- Added Brag use [brag]

- Added Item use [item]

- Added an AuctionHouse where you can bid on items if the seller has chosen this feature.

- Added Gold Shop

- Added PvPChests (happens in warp pvp) /warp pvp

- Added /warp pvp

- Added Collectors

- Added Duels

- Added Grapplers

- Added Lunar API (players can now see /f rally as waypoints)

- Added MapPoints

- Added Infinite Water & Infinite Lava

- Added ItemFilter

- Added MobArena

- Added CoinFlip

- Added Lunar 2x Flyboost

Comment "Hype" and your IGN down below to have a chance at winning Oasis rank.

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