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  • All players are expected to stay up to date with the rules listed below, any changes to the rule will be announced  in our discord server. By connecting to the server, you automatically accept the rules and terms of service listed below, and to accept responsibility done by your account.  
  • If any rule is broken, that player will be punished as specified in this document, or at the discretion of the rules team. These rules are subject to change at any given time. In certain cases, the management team reserves the right to change a rule after a player has been punished to protect the community. Screenshare verified staff hold the right to screenshare players at any given time, for any reason. Refusal to screenshare, no matter the excuse, will result in you being punished following the same timeline.  
  • All rules fall under the discretion of the rules team. Their decision is the final decision made.  
  • If you require further assistance or clarification on these rules please make a ticket in our discord.  
  • Note: Players are permitted to account share at their own discretion. However, the player who shared their account will be held liable for any punishment and or rule broken by the player who the account was shared with.

Tier 1:

1st Offence  : Warning
2nd Offence: 1h mute
3rd Offence: 3h mute

Tier 1 Rules

Misleading Information / Chat Trolling

Telling players information that may negatively affect them


Spamming the same 5 messages in a row in global chat.

Spamming an unusual amount of characters or irregular characters.

Spamming commands that are visible by other players.

Promoting any sort of spam.

Spamming capital letters
Links in chat

You are only allowed to post ExtinctionMC related content in chat, YouTube Videos or Streams.

Tier 2:

 1st Offence  : 1d mute
 2nd Offence: 1d ban
 3rd Offence:  3d ban

Tier 2 rules

Suicidal Encouragement

Any form of suicidal encouragement said to another player or faction is not allowed, in-game or IRL. 

Death Threats

Death threats towards another player and or faction is strictly prohibited. 

Excessive Player/Staff Disrespect

An extreme amount of disrespect towards any player or staff member. Any references to events or terms that users may find distressing. 


Discriminating against users. This includes (but is not limited to) illnesses, diseases, disabilities, race, religion, culture, gender identities or expressions, and sexual orientations.

Inappropriate Chat Content

Inappropriate chat content is any chat content that is viewed as inappropriate, offensive or abusive. 

Tier 3:

 1st Offence  : 3d ban
 2nd Offence: 7d ban
 3rd Offence:  14d ban

Tier 3 rules

Illegal Block Use

Placing any type of block on top of someone's head is not allowed. Blocks that are included under this rule include levers, and buttons. If a player is hit INTO cobwebs, this rule does not apply.

Growing Giant Mushrooms into other players claim is strictly forbidden.

Block Glitching

Breaking blocks and/or glitching through blocks to hit someone is not permitted.

Freezing Minecraft Client

Any attempt to intentionally freeze your minecraft client is not permitted. 

PVP Trapping

PvP trapping is not allowed, but /tp trapping is. PVP trapping entails setting up a /wildpvp in an enclosed spaced where players can't escape. If caught you will be temporarily removed from the network.

Griefing Claims

You are not permitted to  grief players claims. This can include pouring water over to their claims, building walls all around their claims, etc.


Any form of teaming with players outside of your faction will be considered allying and will result in a ban. You must invite all players before the event. All scenarios are up to admin discretion due to how it can vary. This rule only applies for events.

Tier 4:

 1st Offence  : 7d ban
 2nd Offence: 14d ban
 3rd Offence:  30d ban

Tier 4 rules

Admitting to cracking accounts

Admitting to hacking, cracking or accessing another user’s account without their consent.

Event Alting

Using your main account and alternate accounts in the same event will result in a punishment. If seen you will be kicked from the event but if you consistently join the events will alternate accounts you will get the punishment according to the rule. This includes using proxies to bring an alt into voyages or dungeons

Running/Camping in a duel

When a player in a duel (Risk inventory and Ranked only) tries to avoid fighting for a significant amount of time (1-2 minutes) this includes but is not limited to: running, pearling away, camping, ect.


Scamming players for in-game items is strictly prohibited, if caught doing this, you will receive the corresponding tier punishment and all items that were scammed will be confiscated from your account.

Trying to sell a set that you know will get revived with the purpose of scamming another player will fall under this rule.

Logging out while frozen

Disallowed Modifications

Any sort of Hacked client

 Left-AutoClicker is allowed, Right-AutoClicker is not allowed and if you are caught with an AutoClicker that has Right-Clicker module you are subject to a ban.

Double Clicking

Drag and Butterfly Clicking (This is at your own risk if you get banned you're liable to whatever punishment you're given)

• Debounce time that is less than 10 or greater than 10

Rebinding attack key from Left Click

Auto Farm

Auto Fisher

Auto Jumping Modifications(Auto jumping even without a modification is a punishable offence)

Auto Sign



Inventory Tweaks

Scripts (Allows you to auto-complete a task, AutoText is allowed)

Minebot (Only AFK-ing)

MiniMap (With entities)


Player ESP

Ping Spoofing

QuickCraft Mod


X-ray / texture packs

Free Camming

Pearl Trajectories

Disabling prefetch/sysmain/pcasvc/dps

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